That #GloryPromo just won't let up.

Following the reveal of the release date, title and album cover of her ninth studio album Glory, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears has only kept her ever-thirsty fanbase satiated with Spearitual surprises — from pre-order instant grat track "Private Show" to sneaky teases of her long-awaited, "female empowerment. Lol"-inspired "Make Me" music video. And now, we know she's hopping in on the passenger side with Late Late Show host James Corden for a Carpool Karaokeney moment.

Today (August 5), the The Undisputed Princess of Pop™ dialed into longtime pal Ryan Seacrest's On Air With Ryan Seacrest to discuss her latest album, lead single "Make Me" and her upcoming performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the end of September.

But mostly, she talked about her new teacups.

"Hi, I just spilled my coffee all over the kitchen," Britney cheerfully announced in the first few seconds of the interview. "It's all over me right now, and I'm on fire."

Never a dull moment.

Together, she and Ryan discussed her coffee-stained nightgown and her new set of teacups, as one does when promoting a new album.

Oh, right. And "Make Me." So how did Britney first team up with G-Eazy? "I worked with an amazing A&R girl, Karen. She got me together with a lot of people...Julia Michaels, a lot of the new up and coming artists. It was her idea — she's very gifted at knowing what sounds good," she explained.

As for her bangin' bod on the "Make Me" single art, Britney stayed her usual humble self about her hot bodeh: "You never know these days. There's so much they can do with computers to make people look a certain's like, you know, I might as well eat six pieces of pizza."


And don't bother asking her for fitness tips: "I'm the less I've weighed and the best shape in I've been in twenty years — honestly, I don't know why." (The Piece Of Me residency might have something to do with it, too.)

With iHeartRadio Music Festival on the way, Britney's getting to work bitch on planning her one-of-a-kind performance. What will it entail? IDFK, and neither does she.

"Honestly, I haven't even began a creative process on this, but I do know this is one of the things where I do what I do -- just to think of cool things to do with other people and stuff like that. It's going to be awesome."

And of course, there's the matter of a whole new, 17-track record.

"I took my time with this project," she said about Glory. "It's kind of like my baby. I took it very seriously. I worked with only probably four or five different people through the whole process. There were some parts where it was kind of have days when you suck. It took a lot of time, you know?" We know.

"It's cool, it's really different. I think this is probably the most hip-hop album — not most, there are like two or three songs that go in the direction of more urban that I've wanted to do for a long time now, and I just haven't really done that."


Britney Spears Something More Urban GIF

And that was basically that.

"Thank you, sweetie. Bye."

And so it was said.

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