Whoa! We are blown away by how absolutely gorgeous Britney Spears looks, showing off double sideboob on the cover artwork for her new single 'Work B---h,' which drops on Monday, Sept. 16.

In this uh-mazing pic, Brit and her sexy self are perched in front of a dressing room mirror, as we admire her visage, wearing a Las Vegas showgirl-like costume, which makes us think that maybe she is ready to tackle that long-rumored Sin City residency. The blue ostrich-feather shrug and the shaggy, layered blonde hair frame her from the neck up, but we're focused on the neck down and that deep V of her bodysuit.

It's a four-alarm fire pic! We also love that pout. Meow!

Brit tweeted: "4 days people! Go call the Po-Lice! Go call the Governor! #WorkB."

Um, yeah! Call any authority that will listen, but we are already under arrest. We'd break any law in existence if Brit asked us to.

She looks the best she has in years. We're going to work like we're her, you know, b---hes.