For someone who has changed her image many, many times over the years, it's kind of surprising to know that Britney Spears has basically stuck to one hair color her whole life. While it's obvious that Brit loves her blond locks, she's also toyed with hair color a tiny bit in the past. Out of all of the shades she's sported, which is your favorite?

In the first picture, you'll see Britney Spears rocking her signature blond hue. She has pretty much always been a blond -- she was also born a natural blond, but has obviously enhanced the color -- but sometimes she likes to get a little playful with her 'do. For example, she rocked some rainbow streaks mixed into her beautiful blond tresses at the 2012 iHeart Radio Festival a few months back.

She's never really strayed too far outside her comfort zone, though, so maybe that's why people forget that Britney Spears went dark a while back. She rocked a chocolatey brown shade with long, flowing curls in 2010, and before that, she had dyed her hair a lighter honey brown shade that really worked with her sun-kissed skin.

Take a good look at Brit's various hair colors over the years and vote on your favorite below!