Happy 20th birthday to the beautiful Demi Lovato! In honor of the songstress and her edgy style, particularly when it comes to hair color, we're asking all of you Lovatics out there to vote on your favorite Demi Lovato hairdo! The singer's rocked all sorts of shades and styles over the years, and while all of them might look fantastic on the 'Skyscraper' hit maker, which is the best?

Since 2011, Demi Lovato has worn her hair in six different shades -- that's more than most people will dye their hair in a lifetime! But like many young girls in the pop music industry, Lovato likes to change it up and can do so at any time since she's got an awesome team of professionals working with her.

Above, check out pics of Demi with brown hair, blond hair, dark red hair, blond with pink tips, black, and finally, blond with a blue dip dye job. She seriously looks fantastic in all of these shades, which is no easy feat for females to pull off. Usually, when a girl finds a hair color that works for her, she sticks with it, but not Demi! She likes to experiment and is completely fearless when it comes to changing up her style, and we love her even more for that!

So, in celebration of Demi Lovato's 20th birthday today, which hair color is your favorite? Vote here!