Get ready to hear Britney Spears like never before. Nick* + Country Club Martini Crew have remixed Spears' song 'Passenger,' off of her latest album, 'Britney Jean,' and it sounds amazing.

The remixers (who are also responsible for the remix of 'Perfume') took Sia's demo of the tune (she co-wrote the song) and partnered it with Britney's vocals. They then backed up both singers with an acoustic guitar background, giving the song a clean, stripped-down feel that actually showcases Britney's voice.

Both ladies sound awesome, and Sia's low, alto vocals off-set Britney's sugary sweet voice perfectly. And according to Nick* (via, Myah Marie from the group My Crazy Girlfriend also helped to fill in some vocals on the song, including the hook and bridge. The site also reports that the remix features some never-before-heard Britney vocals.

This remix obviously gives the song an entirely different vibe than the original, which has a much louder background with heavy beats that almost drown out the iconic artist's voice. This version, however, almost has a country-like feel (thanks to the acoustic guitar) which perhaps gives a slight nod to Britney's little sis, Jamie Lynn, who is now in the country circuit.

PopCrushers + Britney Army, which version of 'Passenger' do you like better? Check out the remix above and listen to the original below.