Can't stop singing 'Let It Go' from Disney's 'Frozen'? Neither can we. And neither can the incredibly talented Off-Broadway actress Christina Bianco, who performed a hilarious parody of pop divas -- everyone from Demi Lovato to Alanis Morissette -- singing the now-iconic Disney tune.

Bianco, who also offers her own powerhouse version of the hit, starts off belting the original Idina Menzel version of the song. She soon switches to impersonating Demi Lovato, Britney Spears (our personal favorite), Alanis Morissette, Kelly ClarksonAdele, Christina Aguilera and countless others, each impression better than the last.

Bianco's parodies are so dead on that we almost wish that each of the pop stars she impersonates had a song in the movie. Fortunately for Lovatics, Demi does have her own version of the tune -- which you can listen to here. And to hear all of the other stars, you'll just have to watch Christina Bianco's unbelievable parody video above!