Britney Spears acknowledged that her new 'The Smurfs' soundtrack song 'Ooh La La' was recorded for her two young songs, Sean Preston and Jayden James, who will both appear in the music video! 

In a chat with Ryan Seacrest, Brit said, "It's definitely straight-up pop… it has a young feel to it. But the the main reason why I did it was because [of] my boys. The'yre obsessed with the Smurfs. We’ve seen 'The Smurfs' movie a million trillion times and they were told they could be in the video and all this cool stuff, so that’s the reason why I did it."

What an awesome mom Brit is.

Brit's boys were well-behaved on set of the video, too. "They were, like, acting, and my oldest son Preston was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something," the proud mama said. "They play themselves … [but when] we did the actual shoot of the video I didn’t see [them]. I was in hair and makeup, so later on I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable." Presh!

Brit confirmed that the song and its title are meant to capture that feeling "like when a guy makes you giddy" and the title is more a reference to that emotion than it is to an actual phrase.

The singer would not confirm her long-rumored Las Vegas residency, although we thought she did in her Shape cover story. She was coy, saying, "It's quite possible, yes, [but] nothing’s confirmed yet." Brit, you tease.

As for her upcoming eighth album? She wants it to be something different, and something new. While she is in the very nascent stages of the record, she said, "I want to definitely take this album and have a new approach with it and make it a little different than anything I’ve ever done."

Britney Jean also said that "there's a lot of guitar" and that people "will be surprised with this album. It's going to be really different." She also promised we can expect music by the end of the year.

We love that Brit loves being a mom, too. She said that her kids are growing up and learning the rules of cool. They are at the age where giving mom a smooch in front of your pals is not cool, even if your mom is Britney Freakin' Spears.

"My sons are 6 and 7, so they’re just now getting to the stage of where of you can’t kiss Mommy in front of your friends and all that kind of stuff so they’re getting what’s cool and not," she joked.

How adorbs.

The soundtrack to 'The Smurfs 2' is out July 23, while the movie hits the multiplex on July 31. The track listing is below. Brit's 'Ooh La La' is available today, bundled with the track 'Vacation' from new artist G.R.L., an all-female five piece that manufactures cute, harmonized, pretty pop.

'The Smurfs 2 (Music From and Inspired By)' Track Listing:

1. Britney Spears – 'Ooh La La'
2. G.R.L. – 'Vacation'
3. Becky G featuring Austin Mahone – 'Magik 2.0'
4. Owl City – 'Live It Up'
5. Sophia Black – 'Everything Breaks'
6. Cady Groves – 'Forget You'
7. Kiana Brown – 'Hey Chica'
8. Nelly Furtado featuring Ace Primo – 'High Life'
9. Buckwheat Zydeco – 'Tutti Frutti'
10. Right Said Fred – 'I’m Too Smurfy'

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