Remember when we said Britney Spears was losing her dance luster? We were wrong. In the new choreographer's cut dance version of her 'Till the World Ends' video, the queen of pop makes sweaty bodies move with ease -- including her own.

The dance cut shows us that the Brit-Brit we all know and love is still alive and well, and that the 2011 Spears is sexy, seductive, sultry and satisfying. With the flick of her hips Britney controls the speed of her dance minions -- from fast to slow -- but never skips a beat. The bodies get so hot they even set the sprinklers off in the makeshift warehouse dance studio!

Watch as the 'Baby, One More Time' game-changer leads the pack with her smooth moves and rocks the room with the ultimate choreography in the extra-spicy version of 'Till the World Ends.' There's no apocalypse happening on the street above in this one, but Brit dances like her booty-shaking is going to save the world, anyhow.

We're not exactly sure where this underground dance club is, but it's where we want to be. Check out both versions of Brit's new video back-to-back, and let us know which gets you up and moving!

Don't feel too bad if you can't decide, though, because the pop icon herself couldn't either. She tweeted last week: "Just saw the final cut of the dance version of the #TTWE video.  Not sure which one I like best?"

See the New 'Till the World Ends' Dance Version

Watch the Original 'Till the World Ends' Video