UPDATE 3 (11/18): Watch an extended teaser of the "Slumber Party" video, which just aired on MTV's Wonderland.

UPDATE 2: So, you want a little more (moah) to tide you over until Friday? Watch the very first glimpse of Britnashe in action, courtesy of a preview that just aired in the UK.

UPDATE: According to a press release from RCA, the Colin Tilley-directed music video for "Slumber Party" will be released at 3 AM EST (!) on November 18 across MTV, Snapchat and VEVO.

"We ain't gonna sleep tonight..."

As prophesied in her song's own lyrics, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears is blessing her ever-loyal fanbase with a bout of insomnia this Wednesday early mornin' (Nov. 16) by dropping the Tinashe-featuring version of "Slumber Party," the long overdue second single from her latest studio album Glory, at midnight.

Tinashe, a well-documented Spearitual super fan, is currently wigless and dead.

The new version of "Slumber Party" isn't so much a remix as much as it is an invitation (REFERENCE) for Tinashe to join the party, as the Aquarius pop princess RSVPs to assist on the second verse ("double, triple...") — plus some sultry ad-libs at the end of the track. Together, they sound like Heaven On Earth. (A dream within a dream for Tinashe, no doubt.)

Listen now on Apple Music or Spotify:

"Slumber Party ft. @Tinashe coming at midnight ET TONIGHT 💃🏼💃🏼 Video premiere on 11/18!!," the Holy Spearit tweeted just a few hours before, complete with a rather sensational photo of the Living Legend looking all dressed up and glamorous (REFERENCE) and indulging in a chauffeur moment on the "Slumber Party" video set. That red fur jacket. So chic. So Sophisticatedney.

As B-Girl says, watch for that video to arrive this Friday, November 18.

Now, let's see what these two can do together when they use their bodies to make their own videos...

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