If you ask Britney Spears, Ryan Murphy and the team at 'Glee' are not much different from the very bullies they often rally against. The 'X Factor' judge and inspiration for 'Britney 2.0' is reportedly royally P.O.ed at the show's depiction of her breakdown in the series' second Spears tribute episode.

Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush said that he personally spoke to Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, who revealed that neither he nor Spears were aware that 'Glee' would even mention, let alone parody, her infamous 2007 meltdown, in which the then-troubled singer shaved her head and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella. "The Britney camp had no idea this was coming," Bush said. "I can tell you that Britney's manager Larry [Rudolph] is livid."

The episode featured 'Glee' star Heather Morris as her character Brittany S. Pierce sprawled out over Cheetos (long known to be Spears' dietary Achilles heel), attacking a photog with an umbrella, almost shaving her head and even doing a disastrous performance of 'Gimme More,' similar to Spears' lackluster showing at 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Giving credibility to Rudolph's claim of being in the dark about the episode? Murphy and the 'Glee' team never released any publicity photos of Morris from the episode, despite her being the epicenter and main focus of the Thursday night Fox staple. The 'Gimme More' cover also doesn't appear on the 'Glee' YouTube channel, though every other performance from the episode does.

The 'Glee' Britney tribute in 2010 was not only flattering to Spears, but also featured a cameo from the superstar herself in the episode. The fact that 'Glee' and 'X Factor' share a network also presents a potential conflict of interest, because 'Glee' essentially talked smack about the main draw of the competition show that precedes it in the Thursday night lineup.

While we hope 'Glee' only did the parody in good fun, it still seems a bit bitter and mean spirited -- not to mention dated. Team Britney!

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