The PopCrush staff is eagerly awaiting the season premiere of 'X Factor' tonight, Sept. 12, where new judge Britney Spears (along with newbie Demi Lovato) will make her debut as a reality TV judge. We are beyond stoked to see Britney in action -- from what we've seen and heard so far, she's a very tough and sassy critic, but she's also got an awesome sense of humor... which is what lead to these pictures of Britney Spears' weirdest faces.

With her amazing showmanship, chart-topping songs and unreal beauty, it's easy to forget that superstar Brit is just your average goofy gal... that is, until you see some of her facial expressions. Check out some of these Britney Spears pictures that we'e gathered of her silliest expressions. While posing for photographers, in between shots of her beaming smile, Brit often works in some sort of insanely weird face that gives us all a big LOL.

Scroll through these Britney Spears pictures -- from her '...Baby One More Time' days all the way up to her 'X Factor' photo shoots -- to see some of the singer's odd and funny facial expressions. And be sure to tune in to 'X Factor' tonight to catch Brit, Demi, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid on their quest to find the next big star!