According to a source at PEOPLE, Bruce Jenner will reportedly be transitioning into a woman. Someone close to the family told PEOPLE about the big decision, saying, "Bruce is transitioning into a woman. He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he's doing. He's in such a great space. That's why it's the perfect time to do something like this."

The source goes on to say that Bruce will be documenting the transition and has plans on showing a documentary-like series at some point this year. The source said, "It will air when he is ready to be open about his transition. But he's acting more and more confident and seems very happy."

The decision may not come as a huge surprise to many, as news outlets have been speculating about a noted change in Bruce's appearance, but the source goes on to explain that it was a gradual change. They said, "He's being very smart about and also respectful about his transition. Instead of completely shocking everyone, his changes have been subtle, and his family has had the chance to slowly get used to his new looks and life."

Bruce's family is also, reportedly, onboard with the decision, saying, "The [kids'] concern seems to be Bruce's happiness, and he acts very pleased with his new life."

We can't even begin to imagine what a hugely difficult decision this was to make, and we extend our support to Bruce for choosing a life that will offer the most fulfillment.