The first trailer for Paper Towns has dropped and we can say with total confidence that it won't disappoint you. Why? Because it has everything a teen-centric romantic comedy should have -- there's the endearingly nerdy male lead in love with the literal girl next door, teenage rebellion, a coming of age hook and let's not forget Cara Delevingne's totally lush eyebrows.

Fans of the book on which this movie is based already know the premise, but here's some background for the rest of you: Paper Towns started out as a hugely popular YA novel from John Green, the same guy who brought us The Fault in Our Stars.

Cara D takes on her biggest acting role yet in the film — she plays Margo Roth Spiegelman, a gorgeous high school queen bee who lives an inordinately adventurous life (sounds true-to-life) and eventually goes missing.

The movie also stars Nat Wolff, who you might recognize from John Green's other film adaption, The Fault in Our Stars, as Quentin Jacobsen, the quiet, nerdy boy who is completely lovestruck by Cara's character. And he just might be the one person who can find her.

The movie also stars Halston Sage, Caitlin Carver and Austin Abrams.

Paper Towns looks pretty great (we're especially loving that fact that Cara's tomboy-chic vibe fully comes out to play in the trailer) and is sure to be a major success when it finally releases on July 24. That gives you plenty of time to read the book first (spoiler alert: it's worth a read). Check out the trailer above!

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