Cara Delevingne is the new co-owner of a high-tech sex toy company.

On Thursday (November 19), the supermodel announced her latest business venture in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Delevingne serves as both the co-owner and creative advisor of Lora DiCarlo alongside Lorna DiCarlo herself.

"It's taken quite a long time for me to get into this space," Delevingne admitted to the outlet. "There was a big gap in the market for female-led brands and strong female role models in this kind of place, and I feel like Lora came out of my wildest dreams."

She added, "This means more to me than any job I've ever done. It is integral, something that young girls need, something that young boys need, something that humans need, because this isn't just about pleasure and sex toys and sex. This is about health."

So, why is Delevingne so passionate about her latest project? "I'm not just doing this to do it, I want to help to solve problems," she explained. "Even the most confident people, we all are forever on a journey to discover who we are. It was extremely hard and difficult time, even for me. Giving yourself the freedom to give yourself pleasure became quite a hard thing."

See her Instagram announcement, below.

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