While we'd love to fashion a time machine ourselves (obviously to go see 'Project Almanac'  -- IN THEATERS JANUARY 30th -- on repeat) we don't exactly have the skills of the guys in the movie, who use the device to transport themselves all over the time-space continuum to change their lives for the better. Still, we have to wonder if celebs might -- as some stars have predicted their futures with freakish accuracy.

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian were well-aware that they had something special, equipped with a feeling that they were going to be famous someday. Other artists, like Niall Horan, Hanson and Lady Gaga, had dreams of long, illustrious music careers -- dreams that they fulfilled, right down to the specifics. And then there were celebs like Miranda Lambert, Sandra Bullock and Paula Abdul, who did exactly what their high school classmates claimed they would do in their yearbook superlatives. Eerie!

Check out our photo gallery above to see celebs who correctly predicted their own futures and make sure to see 'Project Almanac' make sure to see 'Project Almanac' IN THEATERS JANUARY 30th.

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