We all got our start somewhere. For some celebrities, their less-than-big break came in the form of an appearance on a reality TV show.

Since these credits happened when the stars were unknown, we find a certain kind of joy in discovering them. Case in point: Jon Hamm's tenure as a contestant on The Big Date in 1996, Aaron Paul's crazy-enthusiastic episode of The Price Is Right or Emma Stone's sassy turn on reality competition In Search of the Partridge Family.

In some cases, celebs are able to propel their appearances into successful careers. Both Jamie Chung and Elisabeth Hasselbeck segued from reality TV stars into profitable, multidimensional moguls.

You can check out celebrities who got their start in reality TV in the list below!

  • Emma Stone

    Before she was an Oscar-nominated actress, Emma Stone tried to get her big break on VH1's In Search of the Partridge Family. Emma went on to win the 2004 competition and appear in one episode of the subsequent show The New Partridge Family.

  • Lucy Hale

    Back in 2003, then-unknown Lucy Hale attempted to kickstart her music career with American Idol spinoff American Juniors. She went on to achieve worldwide fame with her role on Pretty Little Liars, and in 2014 she released her debut country album.

  • Aaron Paul

    If his acting career didn't happen, Aaron Paul could have just worked the game show circuit. Before his breakout role in Breaking Bad, the actor was one really enthusiastic contestant on The Price Is Right.

  • Janel Parrish

    Like her Pretty Little Liars co-star Lucy Hale, Janel Parrish attempted to launch a music career via reality TV. Unfortunately, her performance of "On My Own" failed to woo the Junior Singer judges, but Janel went on to portray sometimes villain Mona Vanderwaal.

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    Did you know that pre-Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger auditioned on Pop Stars and won a spot in girl group Eden's Crush? You can watch her incredible audition right here.

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Do you think that when Jennifer Hudson auditioned for American Idol, she knew she would go on to win an Oscar? Either way, she crushed her Idol position, wowing the judges and ultimately making it to the Top 7.

  • Kesha

    Before she woke up in a bathtub feeling like P.Diddy, Kesha hung out with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on The Simple Life. Bonus: The cameo gives fans a look into the singer's life before fame.

  • Jamie Chung

    Arguably one of the most successful Real World alums, Jamie Chung was cast in the show's 14th season. Filmed in San Diego, the show portrayed Jamie as a hardworking student.

  • Analeigh Tipton

    Known for her roles in Crazy Stupid Love, Warm Bodies and Manhattan Love Story, Analeigh Tipton was a contestant on Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model. We dug up her makeover — the best part of the show — so you can relive the glory days of ANTM.

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is well known for her strong political opinions and her roles with The View and Fox & Friends. But her first brush with the cameras? Season 2 of Survivor. Coming in fourth overall, she later gained significant fame as a television personality.

  • Katharine McPhee

    American Idol Season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee successfully transitioned into an acting career. But before she starred in the TV show Smash, 21-year-old Katharine wowed Simon, Paula and Randy at the Idol auditions.

  • Jon Hamm

    It's hard to believe that someone wouldn't want to date Jon Hamm, but it happened — on reality TV, no less. Back in 1996, the Mad Men actor appeared on The Big Date, only to walk away without finding love. We have a feeling that his career didn't suffer for it.