We'll admit -- we like to eat. A lot.

We also happen to like to cook, which is why, when asked who we would invite to our Thanksgiving meal, we had to think long... and hard. We've all heard the conversation starter: "If you could have dinner with any six people, who would it be?" If we're going to baste a turkey for these people, we want to make sure they are the cream-of-the-party guest crop.

These diners need to bring a lot to the table. (No pun intended) -- meaning, we require a healthy balance of humor, worldliness and intellect. And when it came down to it, these six people fit the bill.

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Taylor Swift:

T. Swift is a major foodie. (See proof here and here.) Plus, she's super sweet, which means she would probably offer to bring dessert.

Liam Hemsworth:

Liam is super grounded, but also super charming. We'd be hanging on every word the Aussie says (sigh), but any guy that can joke about being taught sex ed by his mom is all right in our book.

Jennifer Lawrence:

We all know Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious, down-to-earth and ridiculously quotable, but she also loves food. Whether it's walking a red carpet or shooting down haters, J. Law is constantly reminding us that she's not afraid to dig in from time to time.

Harry Styles:

Any Directioner knows the implications of inviting Harry to a small dinner where Taylor Swift is in attendance, but we think it's high time the singers brokered a peace offering. It is Thanksgiving, after all! We think Harry would bring his sense of humor to the conversation, and we might even be able to get him to explain that butterfly tat.

Leonardo DiCaprio (circa 'Titanic'):

But really, is there anyone more fun than Leo in his 'Titanic' heartthrob heyday? The actor was a man about the town, partying and schmoozing with the best of 'em. Even though Leo has moved on to roles beyond Jack Dawson, we'll never let go.

Blue Ivy Carter:

Why choose between Beyonce or Jay Z when you can get the best of both worlds? Yep, we mean Blue Ivy. We're pretty sure BIC would hold the dinner table captive with her tales of traveling the world and making cameos on Beyonce's Tumblr page.

Who would you invite to your Thanksgiving dinner? Sound off in the comments below!


Photoshop work by Kristy Puchko.

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