Remember that time Channing Tatum revealed that he and his '22 Jump Street' co-star Jonah Hill once made a bet that involved the 'Wolf of Wall Street' star getting a little too up close and personal with Tatum? Well, here's a refresher.

The hilarious co-stars stopped by 'Conan' last night, and the redheaded host couldn't resist asking about that infamous bet -- which all started back in 2012, over '21 Jump Street's' opening weekend box office numbers.

As Tatum tells it:

"If your movie breaks 30 million, you've had a very, very good weekend. Jonah thought that [21 Jump Street] was just going to break 30, and I thought that it was going to break 35. And Jonah said, 'If it breaks 35, I will kiss the tip of your dick,'" he explained.

"Over the boxers," Hill clarified. "I said, 'Over the boxers.' I think that's a key piece of fabric for the story," he said, laughing.

"Actually, the real key is that I won that bet," Tatum countered.

So, have the stars followed through with their X-rated bet? Watch the video above to find out!

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