No tears here! Charli XCX's latest video might be called 'Breaking Up,' but rest assured: She's not about to lose sleep over this guy.

Armed with her signature bubbly melodies and playful, saucy attitude, Charli informs her ex that they're over -- and it's all because of him.

"Everything was wrong with you / So break it up, was easy to do / Hey, your friends think your'e fugly too," she chants.

Of course, a song this great deserves an equally fun video -- and Charli totally delivers. The glittery-pop video, which looks like an '80s workout tape fused with a trip to the mall, is filled with colorful graphics. Also, we're pretty sure Charli is the only person who can make a trip to the bowling alley look this cool.

Once again, Ms. XCX given us a reason to want to be her BFF. Because with friends like Charli, who needs boys?

Watch Charli XCX's 'Breaking Up' video above! (Warning: There's some NSFW language.)