Warning, what you are about to see are 100% real stunts, so don't attempt to try them at home! Chevy just released their 2012 Super Bowl commercial for their Sonic vehicle, and like any fun and overpriced big football game ad, this one features big wins like the band OK Go and music from fun.!

To the tune of fun.'s 'We are Young,' which has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months (it was even featured on 'Glee!'), "stunt drivers" take the wheel of the Chevy Sonic and burn rubber in some crazy obstacle courses, like sending cars zooming off ramps and into the air ... When they aren't being pushed from airplanes with skydivers. Really.

At one point in the ad, the Sonic is used as a tool to make music, as it zooms past a collection of windchimes and pianos. The multi-colored passengers inside -- the members of those treadmill runnin' goofballs OK Go -- spin the car in circles in a field, which makes the whole event just a little more exciting. The fact that 'We are Young' is playing? Just a mega bonus. That's our jam.

Catch the OK Go/fun. Chevy ad, and hundreds more, this Sunday during the 2012 Super Bowl.

Watch OK Go and fun. in the Chevy Sonic 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

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