Chris Brown has launched his Symphonic Love Foundation. In perhaps an effort to rehab and repair his battered -- no pun intended -- image, he released a video explaining his mission statement and showing him interacting with the kids at the launch event. He showed how handy he is with a bottle of Elmer's glue while doing arts and crafts.

While promoting the foundation, Breezy was asked some interview questions. "I am 100 percent dedicated in everything I do" is the the one thing people don't know about Breezy. (That and he has a secret relationship with RiRi.) He plans to put 100 percent into his new foundation, that's for sure.

We'll hand it to Brown. He certainly is rolling up his sleeves to be hands on with this charitable endeavor. He is looking to make art accessible to kids in Los Angeles, and for that, we applaud him.

People cannot seem to get past his past with Rihanna. But Brown does seem to be making a genuine effort to show his "good" side, since we are so often witnesses to his temper tantrums through the lens of the paparazzi.

At the launch event, he hugged and posed with kids while they painted. He did some arts and crafts with the youngsters, danced with them, baked with them and even tagged graffiti on the foundation's mural with them.