Rihanna really stands by her man. In a twist of irony, Chris Brown headed back to court in Los Angeles today (Feb. 6) regarding probation issues.

There are some problems with Breezy's reports and the status of his community service. He is on probation due to the 2009 incident where he beat the crap out of his then-girlfriend Rihanna. They have since gotten back together, and now she is supporting him while he deals with this drama which stems back to the first go-round of their relationship.

The judge asked for more reports and another hearing is slated to take place in two months. The prosecutors want to revoke the singer's probation because they claim there is no proof that he completed his community service. Breezy's lawyer filed an opposition, stating that he wants the prosecutors held in contempt for filing the documents that claimed Breezy falsified community service hours. The new hearing is slated for April 5.

RiRi even blew Breezy a kiss when he went into the courtroom, according to ABC. The proceedings were brief and they left together. Breezy also cleaned up for the hearing, sporting his natural dark locks as opposed to bleached blond strands.

At least temperamental singer doesn't have to deal with this legal rigmarole on his own. He has RiRi by his side. That has to make it a little bit easier. She is quite the forgiving woman.

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