Chris Brown (or his peeps) posted "vintage" footage of the controversial singer in the studio with Drake, his former arch-rival. The Internets were alight with lots of "OMG! Are Breezy and Drizzy working together?" gossip items. The answer is: We don't really know.

The footage is old, as it also includes a tattoo-free Justin Bieber from a few years ago and other artists that Brown has worked with. It was like an ego-driven montage where Breezy is all like, "See who I've worked with?" It's part of his hype machine, that's for sure.

Brown and Drake spent the past year beefing after the June 2012 NYC Bottle Battle Royale. The twosome buried the hatchet at the iHeart Radio Festival last month, and all was right in the hip-hop and urban world.

Posting this video planted the seed that Breezy and Drizzy would be coming together to collab on a hot new track. Team Breezy quickly pointed out the age of the footage, questioning its point.

Breezy's 'X' is now due out Nov. 19, and this could just be a hype video or a tease to confuse us as to who is on the album. It feels like games, but we won't lie. Breezy x Drizzy interests us. There's bound to be a Rihanna diss or two or 10 on that track.

Brown posted the video on Facebook, wrote "Hanging with Drake in the studio" and then deleted it, which is his M.O. He often posts something then purges it from his social media feeds. Usually, it's dumb stuff that ends up getting him vilified. This is one of the few times he posts something that has people really excited, and he goes and deletes it.

We'll have to wait and see.