Chris Brown has more feuds than a pro-wrestling federation. After his epic bottle battle in NYC with Drake, his dust up with Frank Ocean over a parking space (!!!) at a Los Angeles studio is generating a new rash of negative publicity for the R&B star and the love of Rihanna's life.

Like, we get that parking is a b----- in L.A., but it's not really a cool reason to come to blows, dudes! Despite the chatter, Breezy is hunkering down and focusing on his music and the arts. He addressed the brawl -- sort of -- on Instagram.

Breezy shared a photo in the studio on Instagram, captioning it:

Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bulls--- will forever be in the shadows.

He chose not to get boastful or rude, like he did with Drizzy after their battle royale. While Ocean tweeted that he was jumped and that he can't use both hands to perform at the Grammys -- don't go there, since we all know that the site of Breezy's biggest crime was the 2009 Grammys -- in two weeks, Breezy took the high road, which is something he is not noted for. We expected him to hurl more slurs at the critically acclaimed Ocean.

Breezy did show some hubris by comparing himself to Christ, as he shared an image of a painting he did of Christ on the cross, saying that's how he felt today.

Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!

Um, he's no Picasso. Breezus Christ is all we can say about his artwork.

While his woman Rihanna was tight-lipped -- since she had her own aforementioned domestic dispute with Brown around the Grammys four years ago and she was too busy posing topless for a top(less) secret ad campaign. But Breezy's ex Karrueche Tran, who posed totally nude for Rolling Out magazine (the NSFW photos are here) may have defended him.

Tran issued a tweet about not being quick to assume, which could be a reference to the people who automatically hopped to the conclusion that Breezy started the fight with Ocean. That remains a matter of conjecture. Tran is still connected with Brown, but there's no definitive marker that her tweet was about the Brocean Brawl, as we like to call it.

Off topic for a sec -- what's with all of Breezy's women getting naked all of the time? Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Even though Breezy was reported to use the phrases "gay" and "n-----s" regarding the parking spot kerfluffle, the situation will not be investigated as a hate crime. Complex reports that L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said the ongoing investigation will not go there.

It is, however, being pursued as a battery case, which is a misdemeanor. No one is in custody and no one has been arrested. Charges have not been filed, but the investigation is not closed, either.

According to Whitmore, Breezy is the suspect, with Ocean being the victim, despite earlier reports that Ocean started it. Brown will be questioned about the matter, as a statement released by officials at Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department declared that they want to pursue allegations that Brown punched another man during this heated parking lot sitch. Come on. It is beyond uncool to be like, "We came to blows over a parking spot!" We bet Breezy is cussing the studio for not having valet. However, the studio reportedly has a hierarchy of parking spots for top-tier artists.

There are further complications. The parking lot brawl could affect Brown's probation related to the Rihanna battery case. If any official action is taken, such as an arrest or the bringing forth of charges, then the court would review Brown's history and probation, which means more trouble for him. While an arrest is not likely, according to Whitmore, anything could happen, as The New York Post suggests Ocean is "desirous of prosecution," meaning he isn't letting this one go.

TMZ also reported that Breezy threw the first punch. He was allegedly so incensed that Ocean laughed when he extended his hand for a shake that he hauled off and punched him. Somebody needs anger management classes, stat. The receptionist called 911 and that's when Brown split.

Drama, drama, drama. Breezy is a magnet for it.

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