Chris Brown was thisclose to being tossed in jail yesterday (Feb. 3). Wait, what? Breezy has been in rehab, hasn't he?

Yes, he has. But he had to go to court for a hearing related to the assault case in Washington, D.C., which took place in October. Breezy was accused of fighting a man and the judge in his Rihanna assault case is tasked with deciding if the oft-in-trouble singer violated his probation terms in that case by committing this alleged assault in our nation's capital.

Still with us?

Okay, good. TMZ reports that prosecutors wanted Breezy incarcerated immediately, claiming his "violent behavior continues to increase in severity and frequency." They also claimed that he poses "an increasing danger to society." After examining evidence and talking to witnesses, the D.A. claims that Breezy is likely guilty of what he is accused of with that case.

However, the judge felt that rehab is more beneficial for the singer than jail, so it was back to the treatment facility for Breezy. He voluntarily checked into rehab last year so that he could address his anger management issues.

In the video, Breezy's lawyer makes the case that his client is thriving in rehab and looks better than he has in five years of knowing him. That just made us realize how much legal trouble Breezy has dealt with in the past half-decade.