Rihanna and Chris Brown are taking more of their relationship drama public. The latest development? Breezy posted a photo of his ex -- or possibly current sidepiece -- Karrueche Tran on Instagram. Rihanna's response? Bible verses. Wait, what?Rihanna reportedly was none too pleased that Brown has been shacking up with Tran in Paris, and now Breezy's posting photographic evidence of it -- a further slap in the face for the Bajan beauty. Lately, her cryptic Instagram images have been of Biblical passages, ostensibly to help her through it. One read, "If you let their rejection frighten you and change your focus, you won't do what God wants you to do." Another, "Jesus wasn't swayed by men's opinions, threats, judgments or criticisms." 'Nobody's Business' reference, RiRi?

A source told Hollywood Life that Rihanna is giving Brown an ultimatum -- and that this time she means it. “Chris needs to stop taking advantage before she’s gone forever and this time she ain’t playing,” the source said. “She loves him so much and he knows that but her heart is involved and he’s taking advantage. I ain't saying she done with him just yet,” the source added. “That’s going to be hard for her and probably one of the most hardest things she will ever do in her life but she is tired of the bulls--- and she’s realizing who the f--- she is and how life must go on even if it ain't with the love of her life.”

As for Tran, a source revealed to Hollywood Life, “Karrueche isn't thinking about, nor is she getting involved with whatever Chris is doing with whoever he’s with. She’s not with him 24-7 and can’t worry about what he’s doing. All she wants for Chris is to finish out his tour and come back home to L.A. so they can figure out what they’re doing with each other.” So basically, Tran doesn't care who Breezy cheats on her with, so long as he comes back to her? Okay.

The source added, “[Karrueche] and Chris are good. They’re real good right now and she’s focused on that and getting her site launched, so she’s keeping real busy and staying focused on the positive s--- in her life. She’s in a good place right now. It’s the end of the year and she has a lot to look forward to."

Still, Tran understands that she may not be Brown's "#1Love," and she's prepared for it somewhat. (Girl, then what is the point of a relationship?) “Karrueche and Chris been having their moments all year long and she knows how he is, so she can only hope for the best -- keeping in mind that everything may not go as she may want it to," the insider dished. "I think she really knows that now, so she isn't putting [that much into their relationship]. It’s not that deep this time and all I can do is be there for her. No matter what happens, her girls have her back whether Chris does or not.” Her girls have her back ... and big mouths.

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