Whenever the subject of Rihanna's love life pops up, it becomes clear that she hasn't really had a serious relationship since her romance with Chris Brown ended in a violent fight back in 2009. More than three years have passed since that infamous February night, and Ri and Breezy have been spotted together increasingly in these past few months.

With their most recent hangouts in N.Y.C. being caught documented by the media, we want to know: Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna should just get back together?

It's been rumored that Brown and his former flame, model Karreuche Tran, have called it quits, and many have said that Rihanna was to blame for their fallout -- not directly, of course, but because she and Brown just can't seem to forget about each other. Not only did they collaborate on two remixes this past year, but they've also been spotted hanging out everywhere from private yacht parties to nightclubs to concerts. The pair were even seen leaving the same N.Y.C. hotel this week.

With all of this evidence on top of countless tweets back and forth to each other (and a bottle brawl with Drake), Rihanna and Brown still seem to have a deep-rooted relationship with one another. She broke down during an interview with Oprah when the subject of her ex-boyfriend came up, and Brown has apologized again and again for his assault on Rihanna and seems to have grown from the experience... but that certainly doesn't mean anyone has forgotten those horrific pictures of Rihanna's battered face.

Chris Brown and Rihanna's connection has been a touchy subject for years now, and since they seem to be rekindling their old flame (or at least a friendship, but this usually isn't the case with ex-lovers who end things on such a fast and furious note) we want all of you fans out there to voice your opinion: Is it a good idea for Rihanna and Chris Brown to get back together, or is this nothing but bad news for the both of them? Vote below.

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