Chris Brown breaks his silence and talked candidly to Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy about his relationship with Rihanna and his penchant for tattoos. The singer also debuted his new single called 'Nobody's Perfect.'

Despite rumors that Breezy and RiRi are back together again, the singer quickly said "No" when asked if they were a couple. Brown added that they are, in fact, cordial with one another and will always remain friends.

“It’s just me being honest with myself," he said referring to his confessional video about his love triangle with Karrueche Tran and Rihanna. “Me and [Rihanna] have history and me and her definitely gonna be best of friends, and we’re working on our friendship now."

Brown also understand people's criticisms of him and his relationship with Rihanna but he feels that everyone should back off and let them live and enjoy their lives. "I think everyone feels attached to this old situation," he explains. “It’s still a very detrimental situation 'cause it’s stuff that we deal with today and that’s why I’m doing the Jenesse Center that shows that domestic violence is not OK. But as far as our personal life, I think people gotta give it a chance … or shut the hell up. At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain’t gonna change nothing I’m doing."

"As far as my personal life, I'm just living life," he continues. "I'm not trying rush anything, or put rings on anybody's fingers or lie to anybody. I just rather be honest and completely express my feelings."

Brown also talked about his obsession with tattoos. The singer believes that he has over 100 tats on his body including a tribal tattoo to represent his Native American side. He also showed off his lion neck tattoo.

Brown also let Big Boy exclusively premiere his new single 'Nobody's Perfect,' which is not to be confused with he and Rihanna's duet song 'Nobody's Business.' The energetic dance tune features Breezy complementing the love of his life, singing, "Nobody's perfect, but you."

Hmmm? We have to wonder if Brown is talking about Rihanna or Tran?

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