Chris Brown was the subject of a 911 call early Friday morning, but not for any of the reasons you're probably thinking -- instead, it seems he was having a bit of a medical emergency after suffering a possible seizure.

According to TMZ, EMTs rushed to the Record Plant recording studios in Hollywood after someone called just after 1AM this morning (Aug. 9) and said Breezy was having a seizure of some sort.

But when the medical crew arrived, Chris refused both treatment and a trip to the hospital, and it's still not clear exactly what happened. Insiders did tell TMZ Chris suffered seizures as a kid, though, so having them now wouldn't be totally unprecedented.

Since stress can cause seizures in people prone to them, maybe that's the problem here -- because in the past month alone, Breezy's had his probation revoked, been to jail, and threatened to walk away from his career.