Chris Brown gets around, doesn't he?

Days after he was seen in public with Rihanna, the singer was spotted with his ex, Karrueche Tran. How does he keep his social life straight?

Yesterday, Oct. 22. Breezy and Tran, who is a model, made a pit stop at a gas station. But before the reconciliation rumors and Rihanna hater comments start pouring in, relax. The former couple left Breezy's crib in separate vehicles, merely stopping at the same gas station.

AceShowbiz reports that they also reportedly went to a studio of some sort.

A friend of the superstar was quick to dismiss rumors that he and Tran are rekindling the flame that was extinguished by his friendship with RiRi. "Hell no, they're not together," the Brown source said about the 'Turn Up the Music' singer and Tran. It was merely a friendly meet up so Tran could remove her belongings from Brown's pad.

The source continued, "He with Rihanna and ain't creeping with K.T. She needed a favor and he did it for her, plus she needed to be escorted around his house to get the rest of her s--- out his place. Ain't no funny business between them. He just helped her out one time with something and she needed to get her s---. No big deal."

So Breezy was being a nice guy... which is not a normal or common characterization for him.

A friend of Tran concurred, saying, "All Karrueche is doing is moving her stuff and tying up some loose ends with Chris. That's all there is to it." The Tran insider did admit that "Chris has a part of her, yes, but she's strong enough to move past him and I know she wants to."

That source continued, "Chris wasn't around this weekend to let her get her things, so she did so today. It does hurt her a bit to see him and I'm sure no matter what anyone says there are still feelings on both their parts. But anyway, he's a dog and hopefully this is her last time around his a--."

There is one thing that seems to be consistent when it comes to Breezy and that is that he can't live a drama-free life.

Another source told E! that Brown and Tran remain close and that they’ve had to spend time together as of late for a photo shoot, saying that their professional relationship is good despite the dissolution of the personal one.

Do you think this is much ado about nada? Something tells us RiRi has nothing to worry about.

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