Demi Lovato and Rita Ora presented the award for Best Male Video at the 2012 MTV VMAs and the moon man to the one and only Chris Brown. He won the VMA for his clip for 'Turn Up the Music.'

Looking dapper in a gray suit and sunglasses, which, we might add, he was wearing while inside an auditorium, Breezy sauntered onto the stage to accept his statue.

He addressed the crowd and the viewing audience briefly, saying, "I'll make it short. I want to thank Team Breezy." He went on to express quick but sincere appreciation for his management team, his label, MTV and his fans for their support. No, he didn't thank RiRi, but we weren't really expecting the temperamental bad boy to do so.

Before exiting the stage after delivering one of the shortest VMAs acceptance speeches that we can remember, Breezy expressed that the fact that he directed this video made the VMA win that much more special.

Breezy beat out stiff competition from the likes of Justin Bieber and his NYC bottle battler Drake, proving that even though he has a bit of a bad reputation and is known for his temper, the fans still love him. As much as his ex RiRi does.