PopCrush caught up with 14-year-old teen pop sensation Cody Simpson prior to his vocal warm-up for a show in Houston, Texas where he spilled about the inner-workings of his Waiting4U tour with Greyson Chance -- including whether or not he has a girlfriend back home, and which big name celebrity had him sweating when he met him/her.

While out on tour, the Australian teen idol says he gets his schooling on the bus (he's halfway through the 9th grade), hangs out with his tour partner, and constantly misses the beach. The boys made a stop at the White House over Easter, where Cody spills that he met President Obama -- and that he and the First Family had him starstruck.

On Friday, Simpson -- who dropped his new single, 'On My Mind' a few weeks ago -- and Chance played a small sold-out show in the Bronze Peacock room of the House of Blues, a venue much smaller than their typical stops. The guys even had to turn away nearly a thousand fans who couldn't get their hands on tickets -- something Cody said he wasn't too pleased about.

The lucky Houston fans who made it past the doors got quite a show -- but it's not over yet. The Waiting4U tour draws to a close on May 17 in Portland, Ore.

So you guys have been on this tour a little over a month. What has been your favorite city so far?
Favorite city so far … I'm going to have to say Miami, Fla. because it reminds me very much of where I'm from. You can look at a picture of where I'm from and a picture of Miami, and they look very similar actually. It's like they were designed off of each other, almost. So it kind of reminded me a lot of that, and I had a few days off there to look around and it was fun.

So you're living in L.A. now -- is your whole family there?
Yes! My whole family is with me in L.A. Been there for about nine months now.

What do you think has been your coolest experience on the tour?
That's one of the hardest questions, um, because every place you go is so different. You can be in New York and then you'll be in, like, Detroit, and Miami, and then you'll be in Houston.

What'd you do when you had the day off before the Houston show?
We stayed in Biloxi, Miss. down by the beach, so we pretty much just had the day off and hung out. It's not like Miami, but …

What has been the craziest fan experience in your career?
I actually had a few girls, um, [that] fainted and went to the hospital on this tour. We've had a few [incidents where] the ambulance came. A lot of venues -- like this one right here is a little smaller than what we've been doing, usually -- so it's going to be definitely jam-packed in there. It does get a little aggressive sometimes, so one girl did faint when I came on stage, and she had to be lifted out.

Do you think it's you or do you think it's the heat from all of the people in there?
I don't know. The show is very exciting, definitely. I actually don't know but it was really surprising to me.

When you guys stop places on the road and you get off the bus, do you get recognized?
Oh, yeah.

Do you get mobbed?
Definitely if we're going somewhere that's, like, busy -- say if we stop at a mall on a weekend. It definitely does get crazy sometimes.

So tell us what your daily schedule is like when you have a show that night?
Usually I'll do school for about three hours, four hours in the morning. Then, go out and do a few interviews and stuff at radio events or something like that, and then go and do soundcheck. And then I pretty much just warm up. I don't like to do much before a show; I listen to music and I warm up my voice, but other than that I just like to hang out and pretty much just get ready. Yeah.

Aside from the obvious things like a toothbrush and clothes, what are three things that you brought on the tour that you wouldn't have been able to live without?
Hmm, three things that I brought on the tour … My family is with me. I've got my laptop. And I have my mini guitar -- it's hard to bring my full size out so I've got this little one.

Greyson mentioned that you've got a bedtime curfew because your family is out on the road, do you find that hard?
[Laughs] Yeah, sometimes. With my mom out I can't stay up too much. I don't mind it really, to be honest I actually do get tired so I do like to sleep a lot. We definitely have a few nights where we'll stay up a little later than usual.

So obviously you've met quite a few famous people in your career. Who would you say is the nicest person that you've met?
President Obama. I've met many people, but he was the one guy that really struck me. He had that presence, and he was one person that I've really been starstruck over meeting -- he had his whole family with him and everything. It was definitely really cool.

So are you dating anybody back in L.A.?
[Laughs] I get asked that question a lot. I'm not dating anyone, you know. I have lots of friends -- like as girls and stuff -- like friends as girls, I guess, that I like to hang out with as if I was hanging out with a guy. I mean, we wouldn't play Call of Duty on video games but … I just have lots of friends, I don't have anything more than that, I guess.

We understand. So, outside of your music, when you're not on tour, what kind of stuff do you like to do?
I like to go to the beach a lot, I haven't had as much time to do that. I was surfing a lot in Australia before I moved, so that's a big thing of mine. I like to pretty much just be a kid -- hang out with friends, like I said before, go to the movies, play video games and stuff.

What do you like about being in America? How is it different?
L.A. is busy. I come from a place that there's like nowhere near as many people, and so it's like there's always someone out in the street and stuff now. In Australia you can pretty much just walk around and there's not many people out in your neighborhood, but here there's like cars everywhere and everything. I think that's really cool to me, but I do really miss the laid back lifestyle a little bit. I just love being able to travel everywhere -- it's good.

Tell us, career-wise, where you see yourself in five years?
I just want to grow. This tour I'm on right now is pretty much the first step. I definitely want to do the sell-out arena thing, maybe soon. I definitely want to see myself grow and I just want to keep making people happy. I think it's super cool that I have the ability to make someone so happy and so emotional even when I just walk in to a room. I feel like I've been blessed with that, and I'm very grateful for that too. I just want to keep inspiring people with music and keep inspiring people to live dreams, I guess!

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