It's official: Love is in the air! With Valentine's Day on our minds, we called up Cody Simpson to chat about all things romance.

The singer, who is gearing up to release an album this year, revealed the relationship lesson he learned from his dad, filming his new music video with Ziggy Marley, and, of course, how he goes about writing a love song. (Yeah, we're swooning too.)

Grab a box of candy hearts and read on!

Can you tell us about your best and worst Valentine’s Day?
I haven’t really had too many serious Valentine's. I wasn’t with anyone last year. I haven’t  had bad memories from Valentine’s Day. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day in general. Obviously, I’m going to see Gigi [Hadid] this time around, but to me – and I kind of learned this from my dad – if you’re really into someone, I don’t think that there should be one day, you know? Like why not every day? If there’s one day of the year that you have to fully express your love, why isn’t that day every day?

Absolutely! What's the sweetest thing you’ve done for a girl?
The most meaningful things for me to do for someone is more so than just like a gift; a poem or it’s an experience, a memory, being able to sing that song to her in a special place or whatever it is. I like to do something that’s more personal, you know?

What songs would be on your ultimate V-day playlist?
‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,’ Elvis. A song called ‘Nothing at All’.’ It’s by … I can’t remember … They’ve got to be classic songs. Allison Krauss does a really good version of it. What else? John Legend’s new single, ‘All of Me.’ I think that’s a beautiful track. They’re my three right now.

Speaking of love songs, you just released your video for ‘Love.’ Can you talk about how the collaboration with Ziggy Marley came about?
I love reggae music …. I love Bob Marley, I love reggae music in general. I had gotten this idea that I’d love to have a reggae artist on this, just to add that certain flavor to it that you can’t get anywhere else, if he’d be down for it. We reached out to Ziggy and he was down to do it and we put together a really cool, simple song, but it’s feel-good.

We shot the music video about a month ago. It’s a really cool concept. A mate of mine is from Paris and is a great director, and I just hit him up and asked him if  wanted to do this video with me. We ended up casting a little boy that looked like me when I was about nine or 10. I ended up shooting some really, really cute beach scenes with them in like Super 8 film. It was a really cool, old-school vibe and they mixed that in with some cool performance shots with Ziggy and I. Just kind of telling the story of these two young kids was cool.

We loved the doppelgangers! Do you have a favorite Bob Marley song?
Let me think. There’s just so many! ‘Stir It Up’ is one of my faves. ‘Could You Be Loved.’

Every artist has a couple good love songs in his collection. Can you talk to us about how you go about writing a love song?
To be honest, most of my most meaningful songs are written in my bedroom with my guitar. Some of them have never come out because they’re personal, and some of them are out there, but to be honest, the way I write is if someone really inspires me to write one.  It’s happened probably once or twice, and then I get the best ones out. It’s a simple, basically sitting in bed, just overwhelmed by the whole feeling, pouring it all out with the guitar. It’s a really cool feeling, you know?

Do you find that you write easier if you’re working with somebody or if you isolate yourself?
No, by myself. I like to have time to think about it.

A few weeks ago you tweeted that you’re creating a new sound for the upcoming album. Can you talk more about that?
I’ve been in the studio – I’m on my way there now – just really experimenting. I’ve been almost frustrated trying to put together something new and fresh and just trying to experiment and trying to find the right niche and combination between some of the pop stuff and what I love to do most, which is just chill out. I’m just trying to find that right fit. We’ve come up with some really, really cool songs so far, but it’s definitely going to be much more than I’ve done in the past, something that everyone is going to listen to and love it. It’s going to be very cool.

Do you have any details you can give us about when the album is dropping or when we can expect a single?
I’ll definitely be finishing up the first single, probably next month [March]. I’m trying to have the whole thing wrapped by April, May, which will hopefully get a release into the summer.

You just wrapped a tour. What do you prefer about an acoustic tour over a regular tour?
To be honest, I just felt so comfortable up there. Every fan that I’ve spoken to, it’s been their favorite show that they’ve come to because it’s so intimate and it’s so musical. I just get to get up with my guitar and literally play guitar like you’ve never seen me play before and improvise and jam out with my guitarist, Andrew, and it’s such a good time. I really miss being up there now. It’s so much fun than a tour I’ve been on in the past. It’s true to myself and people can see that.

Besides releasing an album, do you have any other plans for 2014?
I’ll definitely be doing a little more touring. I want to do some more acoustic runs over in Europe and South America. I’ll definitely be touring again for the next album. Just busy working and trying to put together more of that [kind of] music.