While 'American Idol' and Jennifer Lopez fans may like her new 'Dance Again' video, not everyone is too pleased with J. Lo. The sultry songstress is under fire from conservative groups for the racy content in the clip.

The video features J. Lo in various states of undress, though she nor anyone else is ever naked. She romps and rolls around with real-life boyfriend and backup dancer, Casper Smart, as well as a bevy of other beautiful people. While it's certainly sexy, it's not dirty or pornographic -- it's tastefully done and not overtly raunchy.

Despite that, Radar Online reports that the Culture and Media Institute is particularly displeased with 'Dance Again.' "Even the supposedly family-friendly TV shows like 'American Idol' are never safe in the hands of Hollywood,: Institute rep Dan Gainor said. "Jennifer Lopez's skanky new video shows how desperate she is to retain her fame despite her fading relevance."

A little harsh, pal!

"A video filled with an enormous orgy scene of dozens of people groping one another serves as a backdrop for such high-class lyrics as ‘Let me open your treasure chest'," Gainor continued. “Such sexualized videos aren't appropriate for any children to watch including Lopez's own twins."

While it's true that the video probably isn't the best for tykes, it's not meant for them anyway. There's a reason 'Idol' didn't show the full clip, and we don't think J to the L-O will play this at play dates for Max and Emme. If someone doesn't like it, they can use a V-chip to keep it away from their kids or just not watch it.

For the record, we at PopCrush think La Lopez looks fantastic in the video. If we had a body like that at 42 (or any age!), we'd probably flaunt it, too!

Watch the Jennifer Lopez 'Dance Again' Video Feat. Pitbull