Reality TV worlds have collided: Courtney Stodden is so mad at Brody Jenner right now.

On Friday (August 12), the TV personality/singer/PETA supporter lashed out at the former Hills heartthrob via a bizarre video posted to her Twitter page.

In the clip—which begins by showing a segment from MTV's The Hills reunion, specifically Jenner answering a question as to who should play Stephanie Pratt in a movie version of the show—Stodden, in all her red bra-wearing, cigarette-smoking, chillin'-in-the-kitchen glory, goes off on Jenner for joking that she would be his pick.

"Oh my God, don’t even get me started on that Brody Jenner. He’s an a---hole, seriously," she complains in the video.

"He is such an a--," Stodden continued. "One, he’s derogatory toward women. Basically, like, categorizing women as if they’re talent-less regardless of how they look.... f---ing a---hole."

She then slammed Jenner for "kicking her when she's down"—likely a reference to the heartbreaking miscarriage she suffered in July—saying, "I have being dealing with so much lately. Your timing is s---, Brody."

Finally, she offered her fellow reality TV star a challenge: "And three, I don’t think you can act. So why don’t we do an act-off. I challenge you to one. I can act circles around your a---. Seriously," Stodden said, before taking a puff on her cigarette and adding, "So an act-off or f---k off."

While it's unclear why exactly Brody's comments angered her that much, Stodden has been vocal on social media about going through a difficult time following her miscarriage, something which inspired her to shave her hair off as a gesture to her unborn child.

Now, only one question remains: Brody Jenner, would you prefer an act-off? Or a f---k-off?

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