Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' are no strangers to controversy, but this time, the satirical political news show deeply offended One Direction fans, and possibly the greater Muslim community.

In a segment from the Sept. 23 episode, Stewart is talking about the "ultimate terror group" with supposed Pentagon correspondent Jessica Williams, who breaks in with the satirical news that an even bigger terrorist organization has just formed.

"A new terrorist group just formed, with one member each from ISIS, al-Nusra, al Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction, and the Zetas drug cartel," she tells Stewart.

Fans not only took immediate offense to the joke -- but also assumed that the reporter was talking about Zayn Malik, who is Islamic. In fact, the upset Directioners took to Twitter today (Sept. 26) to support Zayn with four hashtags about the incident, all of which began trending. "#TheDailyShowGoneTooFar" was the first, followed by "#ZaynDefenseSquad," "#ZaynSavesNotKills," and "#ZaynIsTheMostAmazingHumanBeing."

Watch the 'Daily Show' clip above, and tell us: What do you think of the joke, Directioners? Funny or just too far?

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