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Disney star Debby Ryan posted a photo on Instagram of herself drinking a cup of tea and holding up a crazy adorable cat, which was definitely enough to get our attention. But upon further inspection, it looks like the 'Jessie' star may have a brand-new piercing!

If you look closely, you can see that Debby seems to be sporting a septum piercing. Interestingly enough she doesn't really draw any attention to it or comment on it. For all we know it could be a simple clip-in ring, so we won't know for sure until she confirms it. Either way we're totally into it!

What do you guys think of Debby's new look? Do you hope it's a permanent piercing, or are you not into the whole body modification look?

Speaking of body modification, do you think your parents would react favorably if you came home sporting a brand-new piercing? What about that cat? How cute is he?