Rihanna going topless is nothing new.

But it's often with strategically placed clothes or hands censoring her ladyparts.

And we already guessed that RiRi has a pierced nipple, since we could sometimes make out the hardware poking through sheer or tight tops. Well, now she has proven that she has her right nipple pierced because she goes topless, facing forward on the cover of European magazine Lui.

RiRi is greased up -- maybe sunblock or suntan oil? -- with thick braids, a bucket hat, a sexy, stare and white, 'Jersey Shore' dagger nails on the cover. She is wearing salmon-colored bathing suit bottoms but no top. At all.

We can see her tanline from when she does wear a bikini top, which is not often. But we also see the nipples in full-on erect mode.

Clearly, RiRi doesn't care who sees her headlights. She is not modest and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

The uncensored image is here.

She also shared another shot from the spread, where she was sunbathing while semi-topless and semi-bottomless. She had a strategically placed a swatch of hot pink fabric, but you still got a good look at her nipples and pantyline. She has since deleted it.