Now that Demi Lovato's song 'Heart Attack' has leaked and will hit radio next week (March 4), it's time for the songstress to make the interview rounds and promote it.

And who better than to sit and chat with than Ryan Seacrest, right?

Lovato, who recently broke her fibula after slipping on her Pledge-cleaned floor (thanks to her roommate) first talked about her judging duties on 'X Factor,' calling Simon an "old fart" and answering the biggest question of all: Would she be returning to the show?

"I don't know yet," said Lovato, who was taken aback by how quickly Seacrest and his co-host Ellen dove into the question. "But I would love to!" The hosts gushed over her judging abilities, but it was the topic of her single that really got them going.

"It's a song [about] I think everybody’s been in a situation where they’ve been hurt several times, they feel vulnerable," said Lovato about upbeat track, even admitting that she and her people were going to wait to release it as a "huge reveal." She added: "[It's also about] other situations where I felt abandon in my life and when you open up your heart to somebody it’s a risk. And this song is about taking that risk.”

As Seacrest tried to obtain info as to who the song was written about, the subject quickly turned to Lovato's love life with rumored flame Wilmer Valderrama and everyone's favorite love-filled holiday -- Valentine's Day.

As Ellen and Seacrest questioned if Lovato spent the day with Valderrama, she smiled, and eagerly answered saying, "You know what I did!? I performed at the Topshop opening!"

She then skirted around the question to detail her day following the performance, only offering up this tidbit of information, "I open up so much to my fans with my personal life that some things have to stay sacred.”

Good for you, girl. Good for you.

Love life aside, now that we're heard her new track 'Heart Attack,' we're anxiously awaiting for new music to come from Lovato! And if you're a Lovatic like we are, check out our song review here.