If someone asked "What is your favorite dish?" would you know what that meant? You and Demi Lovato both, kid!

In a recent interview with German Radio station NRJ, the "Cool for the Summer" singer sounded off on the "historic" Berlin Wall, adoration for Kelly Clarkson and why the rain is nice sometimes. Oh, and she said her favorite dish is a "mug."

"My favorite dish—I like mugs," she affirms in the video below. "Because they're very comfortable in your hand."


Now, you might think: Demi, that's a crazy thing to say! By "dish," this reporter was very clearly alluding to cuisine! But don't jump the gun, critical! Demi wants you to know that she knows that!

"For anybody who actually thinks I misunderstood the "favorite dish" question—you clearly don't get my sense of humor," she tweeted yesterday (September 13) after a flurry of fans poked fun at her seemingly obtuse answer. Any chance you think that Demi may not have known the difference between a dish and a dish because she was home-schooled? Well, stop right there, Doubting Diana—you'd better think again!

"I was homeschooled but I'm not that stupid," she responded to a skeptical follower who was unconvinced by her defense. Can't see the scoreboard? That's Demi: 1, crockery: 0!

What's your take on the Demi v. Dinnerware battle? What's your favorite dish? See, not so easy, is it?!

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