If you thought that her video for "Cool for the Summer" was hot, Demi Lovato's performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards turned it up one more notch.

Dressed in a black and purple one-piece with cut-outs and black thigh-high heeled boots, Demi was ready to get wet and wild onstage in downtown Los Angeles. Singing flawlessly, beach balls flew through the air while her dancers continued the pool party onstage. Although that part of the city turned into one big dance party, everyone went crazy when Iggy Azalea walked out. The Aussie rapper contributed a new verse to the summer hit as Demi laid down her sexist moves. Could this be the collaboration that she hinted at last week?

Then at the end her performance, Demi did one of the most elaborate and creative crowd surfs ever. Instead of letting her body move above the fans' hands, she rode around the top of the audience in a blow-up kiddie pool as confetti exploded into the air. Now that's one sick summer party if we ever saw one.