Demi Lovato's got a lion's heart, and now she's managed a lion's mane to match.

Lovato, who's spent recent years as a brunette, posted an Instagram photo last night (October 16) that showcased she'd reverted back to a shade of blond she most recently flirted with in 2014. This time, though, there's no subtlety to her transformation — the new Demi sports gold tresses as far as the eye can see.

"Goldie locks," Lovato captioned the image above, in which her new color spills out over a white sweatshirt. And fans didn't hesitate to share their approval, with one follower noting in the comments: "Honey, you look good in that hair color. Remain always as beautiful and delicate flower." Another observed "2012/2013 THROWBACK FEELS." Guess we can officially call it a retro look.

Lovato's never been shy about switching up her hairstyle when a little antsy. She experimented with dark bangs and straighter styles through 2009, and went red in 2011. In 2012, she decorated a platinum blond hairstyle with pink highlights and jumped on the lavender trend in 2014. Finally, lest we forget, she shaved half her head later that year, proving she's always ready to toss a couple of curve balls her followers' way.

Lovato had most recently been championing her Confident era with a dark black bob.

What do you think about Demi's new do? Are you into the gold, or is brunette best? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Colors, Cuts and Curve Balls — the Evolution of Demi Lovato's hairstyles: