We hope Demi Lovato and her team of stylists invest in a thick, rich, deep conditioner. The singer, who went from hot pink back to brown recently, is once again a blonde.

Lovato is a serious hair chameleon, on the level of Katy Perry and Adam Lambert, who swap out their hair hues on the regular. We're discounting Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, who are also coif chameleons, but they mostly rely on wigs to switch it up. Perry, Lambert and Lovato actually change their strand shades.

Lovato posted the shot while on a flight to Brazil. She is still doing the shaved underside (aka Skrillex hair) thing and she appeared to go ombre (as in the picture posted above, from April 14) before going more yellow all over.

Of course she looks gorgeous because, well, she is. Like, duh!

But Demi clearly gets bored with a single hair color, it seems. She said she was going to give her hair a break and go with a color found in nature but she appears to have changed her mind.

See the pic below. It's more of a yellowish blonde than a golden blonde, almost with some lemon-like tones, right? Don't get used to it, though. Lovato's hair history suggests she will come up with a new hue sooner than later. She always does.