The look of confidence? A pair of pink-to-black ombré low-tops, if Demi Lovato is to be believed.

Lovato, who promised new album, Confident, will be a "game-changer," opened up about her new identity as a more daring artist in a behind-the-scenes video from a Skechers campaign shoot. Dressed in jeans and a tank and, later, in gym-ready sweats and martial arts sparring gloves, the "Cool for the Summer" singer says in the video above that the project is her latest marathon's finish line.

"[Confident] is going to be very different, because in the past, I knew who I was as a person, but I've never been more sure of who I am as an artist," she explains amid footage that finds her making goofy faces during a photo shoot. "I really channeled the direction and the vision that I had into what I wanted into this project."

And that vision centers on Demi's conviction to change and grow, tasks she notes are all the more achievable with shoes that she actually enjoys wearing. Next red carpet risk: cross trainers with gel inserts!

"I have been working on myself for the past year, and part of that journey was working out and eating healthy and really a full lifestyle change," she shares.

Watch the clip, tell us if you're excited to get a taste of Demi's new sound and hang tight for the release of Confident on October 16!

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