Demi Lovato is a busy woman these days, but she found time to chat about her projects with iHeartRadio host Elvis Duran today (July 1). She also talked about "Cool For the Summer" and her urge to sing about "sexy time" — which she definitely accomplishes on the new single.

One of Demi's many business ventures gets a mention at the very top of the interview, when Duran's co-host observes her flawless skin (segue! synergy!): "You have no pores, and perfect eyebrows." Um, eyebrows are technically hair and not skin, but maybe her Devonne By Demi product line could add a set of tweezers?

"I love taking care of my skin and I've always been passionate about it," Demi says, and Elvis asks her if this means she's an amateur chemist, whipping up soap in the kitchen. She says she's done a few homemade treatments in her day, so don't worry Duran, she's GOT THIS.

The host then asks her about a recent photo in which Demi's smoking a cigar, and her cohorts were accused of corrupting her. The singer, who has been refreshingly candid about her past struggles with substance abuse, deems that concern ridiculous. "You realize, compared to what I used to do? I have a f---cking halo over my head." She won't apologize for enjoying the occasional cigar, but she's still sober: "No drinking, no drugs." She also makes an excellent phallic symbol-related joke that we'll leave you to discover.

Demi says "Cool For the Summer" is one of her favorites off her upcoming album, due "later this year."  She explains why she thinks this album will be a "game changer" for her musically, and says, "I feel more confident in who I am as an artist and a person, and I'm just ready to stop talking about the past and just focus on having fun in the future." Preach.

Check out the full interview above, in which Demetria discusses the challenge of being a role model ("I'm not a little angel, I've never been") and more.

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