Demi Lovato and Harry Styles both rock pretty big tattoo collections, so maybe it doesn't come as much of a surprise that they both have so-similiar-they're-almost-identical cross tattoos on their hands. Their cross tattoos look so much alike, but still, we have to ask: Which pop star rocks the hand tat best?

Demi Lovato rocks the tiny, elongated cross on the outside of her right hand, almost leading into her pinky finger. The black tat is simple and elegant, and the cross shows that Demi wears her religion with pride. The tattoo may be subtle, but it is symbolic, and we think its small size fits the 'Neon Lights' singer perfectly.

Harry Styles wears his cross tattoo between his thumb and his pointer finger, a subtle nod to the One Direction singer's spirituality. When comparing his tat to Demi's, you'll notice that it's such a versatile tattoo and completely unisex -- looking equally as awesome on him. Harry's tat is also black, which fits in with the rest of the monochromatic tats that cover the rest of his body.

Which pop star has the better hand tattoo? Cast your vote for Demi Lovato or Harry Styles in the poll below!

See Demi Lovato's Hand Tattoo

Valerie Macon, Getty Images

See Harry Styles' Hand Tattoo

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