Justin Bieber is not only allegedly addicted to "sizzurp" -- cough syrup mixed with codeine, promethazine, Jolly Ranchers and soda -- but his "lean" of choice is a high-quality brand known as Actavis. That is, of course, if you believe TMZ.

The site's sources claim that the 19-year-old singer drinks 8 to 12 ounces of the high-end mixture per day, which is a serious amount. And Actavis isn't cheap, either -- it reportedly costs $800 a pint.

Bieber's friends are supposedly encouraging the pop star to go to rehab, but he allegedly refuses.

These drug allegations come after a rough few weeks for The Biebs. After egging a neighbor's house, Bieber's home was raided for evidence, where his pal Lil Za was busted for possession of molly, a form of Ecstacy. Bieber's cell phone was also seized during the raid, and he is said to be worried about the cops finding drug references on the device.

PopCrushers + Beliebers, what do you think of the claims that Justin Bieber is addicted to sizzurp?