Some of you may recognize Dez Duron, who appeared on Season 2 of ‘The Voice’ but didn’t make it past the blind audition. Tonight (Sept. 24), he made an amazing comeback, winning over three out of four judges with his soulful performance of ‘Sara Smile’ by Hall and Oates.

With the exception of Adam Levine, all of the judges turned around, captured not only by the young singer’s strong voice, but also his good looks. Cee Lo exclaimed, “Calm down ladies … As a matter of fact, don’t calm down – show him some more love,” triggering yet another an eruption of applause from the crowd.

Originally from Louisiana, Duron moved out to California to pursue his dream. With pastors for parents, he grew up listening to gospel, a fact which several of the judges highlighted. “You have so much soul in your voice,” Cee Lo said. “Soul music is my forte as well – we’d be a perfect fit.”

“I, too, love gospel and am very inspired by it,” Christina Aguilera commented. She then complimented just how far he has come since his appearance on the show's previous season: “You showcased a different side of yourself and a different side of what you can do.”

His physical appearance wasn’t lost on the screaming girls in the audience, nor was it lost on Blake Shelton. “This dude is goodlooking,” he remarked. “Man-to-man, you’re hot.” He even compared Duron’s looks to A.C. Slater from ‘Saved by the Bell.’ The singer graciously delivered words of praise to all of the judges who turned around for him, but he ultimately chose Christina.

It couldn’t have been easy for Duron to show his face after being turned away last season, but his passion and determination carried him through this audition with ease. “I’m never gonna back down from something just ‘cause it’s a little scary,” he said. “You gotta take risks for your dreams.”