Teen heartthrob Dez Duron charmed the crowd once again on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’ (Nov. 7), his delivery of Hunter Hayes’ ‘Wanted’ earning him quite an enthusiastic audience response.

“Well, the good news is, the girls really love you,” Adam Levine remarked over the crowd's loud, emphatic cries. But he went on to point out that the singer has more than just good looks. “I think you’ve got a really great voice…the best part about your voice is the precision between the runs.” He was also sure to compliment Duron’s good taste in clothing, as they both wore eerily similar outfits.

“How dare you not pick me as your coach and then come out here and sing a country song!” came Blake Shelton’s good-natured complaint. He then agreed with Levine about Duron's impressive vocal abilities.

His coach Christina Aguilera gave him a standing ovation, but she also mentioned that she’d like to see even more flavor from him. She urged him to add his own “Dez twist” to future performances to make him even more irresistible.

Constructive criticism aside, she sang his praises as well. “I’ve seen such an improvement from you…You nailed it! You did everything spot on. To look like that, to shine like that, to have the stage charisma…and then to sing that way…you are entirely the full package. You have it all.”

“America, how can you not love this guy?” Aguilera finished with a smile.