Dez Duron displayed his soulful side on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Nov. 12) with his own spin on Lauryn Hill’s version of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.’ The teen heartthrob auditioned for the show last season but no chairs turned for him, which meant that he felt even more pressure to succeed this time around. “The risk of coming back is totally worth it,” Duron declared confidently.

A self-proclaimed “soulful pop artist,” he aimed to reach viewers on an emotional level, all the while singing a song that’s easy to listen to. “Hit a jazzy chord at the end, work the ladies and you should be good,” coach Christina Aguilera advised him. “Really have fun playing and interacting with the audience.”

And boy, did he deliver. He impressed all four of the judges tonight and has clearly come such a long way from the guy who tried out last season.

“I thought that performance was impeccable … it was wonderful through and through,” Cee Lo Green began once the crowd’s cheers died down. “You've got such natural sexual appeal and a great voice. You don’t have to overdo either one of them and that makes you super cool.”

“It almost feels like you've found an avenue now, like a style …this is decisively ‘you,’ and it fits you the best,” Adam Levine chimed in.

His coach was quick to voice her agreement. “I see you in rehearsals and you definitely have a natural charisma, but onstage I really notice a certain star quality and appeal," XTina said. "You have this really cool, old soul crooner voice but you also have a modern-day twist, too.”

“More to come, more to come for Dez!” Aguilera proclaimed excitedly.